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Sending Event Booking Confirmations
Sending Event Booking Confirmations

How to use automations to set up event booking confirmations

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This article is going to show you how you set up an automation that will send an email to you customer, confirming that an event has been booked in.

This automation will focus on sending out the confirmation based on a tag trigger, so the messaging can be specific to the job the event is for.

For more information on tags, check out this article.

Setting up the automation

Firstly, your need to navigate to the automation section in the toolbar on the left of the screen.

From here, click on Create Automation, then select the second option 'Create new automation'.

You will now be looking at a blank automation template.

In this screen, the first thing to do is name your automation to make it easy to identify.

After giving it a name, you need to choose a trigger. The trigger will tell Payaca when to run this automation.

The purpose is to send out a confirmation to your customer when an event has been booked, so we'll set the automation type as 'Event' and the trigger to be 'Created'.

The next step is to set the conditions.

These conditions must be met in order for the automation to complete the action you want it to take. In this example, we are saying the event must have a specific tag.

It's best to create a tag that best describes the event type ('Boiler Survey' for example). For more information on tags, check out this article.

Finally, you need to define the action you want the automation to take. You can set multiple actions per automation, including:

  • Sending an email

  • Sending an SMS message

  • Progressing a project to a new pipeline stage

Whichever action or actions you want to take, we recommend naming each action first using the space at the top of the Action box.

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