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How use service reminders to maximise your repeat customer value
How use service reminders to maximise your repeat customer value
This describes how to automatically create future deals for work you want to win with customers in the future.
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When you complete a service form in Payaca, or any form that has a "next inspection due date" you will see the option to Add a new deal and calendar event for this future inspection.

Ticking this box will:

  1. Create a new deal for the future that will become visible in your deal pipeline 30 days before the next inspection is due.

    1. This deal will be tagged Repeat so you can configure automations around it.

    2. This deal new deal will have a link attached to the previous deal.

  2. Create a placeholder event in your calendar on the next inspection due date

    1. The event will be linked to the new deal.

    2. This will be tagged Repeat and will have another tag related to the source e.g. Boiler Service Record.

This will all happen automatically but the next step is important and gives you complete control around how you configure your service reminders. Here's a simple starting point:

Important - you need to setup this automation

You can configure multiple actions including emails and SMS messages as well as progressing the deal through the pipeline depending on what action the customer takes.


It is important it enters your deal pipeline as a new opportunity, this is repeat work but isn't guaranteed. Repeat work is much easier to win but you need an automated process in place to make sure every new deal you win has the potential to deliver you recurring revenue.

A new deal entering the pipeline also means it can follow your pipeline process with any automations you have created. You don't need to worry about things falling through the cracks and tracking if they've booked or not as this should be part of your existing pipeline.

If you have any issues at all please do drop us a message in the live chat, we're here to help!

Good luck and keep winning that repeat work!

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