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Automatic email notification for new leads
Automatic email notification for new leads

How to send an email letting the team know there is a new lead & respond to the potential customer

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When you receive new leads from, you are going to want to know about it, and also respond as quickly as possible.

The following steps will show you how to set up an automation that will give you the option to message your team about a new lead, respond to the customer, or both if you want it to!

How to create the automation

  1. In your Payaca account, navigate to the Automations menu, using the menu on the left hand side.

  2. Click 'Create Automation' in the top left corner.

  3. Select 'Create new automation'.

When building an automations you'll need to set the Triggers, Conditions, and Actions. To learn more about what these steps mean, read our article on automations.


We want the automation to trigger every time a new lead from is added. So we'll start by setting the Automation Type to Project, and the trigger to 'Added to pipeline'.


The conditions will define the pipeline the automation is looking in, and the tag its looking for. You will need to add the relevant pipeline name that your leads go into, but the tag '' is automatically added by Payaca when new leads come in.


Now you need to decide if you want to message the team, the customer, or both.

These message can either be SMS or Email. Define this using 'what would you like to happen?':

After setting up your action, you need to set who will receive it, and the content of the messaging in.

You can add multiple actions to an automation by clicking 'Add action' at the bottom of the automated workflow:

Don't forget

  • To add a title to your automaton to make it easier to find in your list of automations

  • Also, if you are adding multiple actions, add names for those as well

  • Clicking save will ask you if you want to turn on the automation

You're all set!

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