• Valid trial or subscription in Payaca

  • Admin user role in Payaca

  • Zapier account

  • Zapier subscription (required for some multi-chain zaps)

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Live Zapier Templates

We have created a few templates with Zapier to simplify your workflow.

If you want to give it a try, you can browse some existing Payaca zaps below.

Create a Zap with a Payaca action:

1. Create a new zap

2. Add a trigger

  • Choose a connecting app to trigger the Payaca action

3. Add an action

4. Choose App & Event

  • App: "Payaca"

  • Action Event - i.e. "Create customer"

Action name


Data required

"Create customer"

Creates a customer on your Payaca account

Details about the customer

5. Choose account

  • Log in to your Payaca account

6. Set up action

  • Match up data from trigger to action

7. Test action

  • Test & continue

6. Turn Zap on!

7. Test it out

- Check the zap triggers your Payaca action successfully

Create a Zap with a Payaca trigger:

1. Create a new zap

2. Add a trigger

3. Choose App & Event

  • App: "Payaca"

  • Trigger Event - i.e. "Sent Invoice"

Trigger name

Triggers when

Data available

"Sent Invoice"

An invoice is sent

Details about the sent invoice

"Sent Quote"

A quote is sent

Details about the sent quote

"Accepted Quote"

A quote is accepted

Details about the accepted quote

4. Choose Account

  • Log in to your Payaca account

5. Find Data

  • Load data from your account - This should fetch live data from your account (if for some reason this fails, demo data will be loaded)

6. Add an action

  • Choose a connecting app to action on the Payaca trigger

Configurations with tested apps:




Payaca - "Sent Invoice"

Freshbooks - "New invoice"

Create a Freshbooks invoice on sending an invoice in Payaca.
Setup your first Freshbooks Zap with this guide.

Payaca - "Sent Invoice"

Kashflow - "Create invoice"

Create a kashflow invoice on sending an invoice in Payaca.

Payaca - "Accepted Quote"

ServiceM8 - "New job"

Create a job in ServiceM8 on a quote being accepted in Payaca.

ServiceM8 - "New Client"

Payaca - "Create Customer"

Create a customer in Payaca on creating a new client in ServiceM8. Setup your first ServiceM8 Zap with this guide.

Reconnecting you Payaca account with Zapier:

Now and then you will need to reconnect your Payaca account with Zapier in order to continue using your zaps. Reconnection will be indicated in the "Connections" page in Payaca.

Disconnect your Payaca account with Zapier:

This will stop any zaps connected to your account from running

  • Disconnect account within your Zapier settings


  • Go to "Connections" page in Payaca and click "Remove connection" under the "Zapier" connection section

Please get in contact with us if you have any issues, improvements or suggestions for future Zapier integrations.

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