Want to book calendar events in Payaca and have all the information sent to Google Calendar? It's super simple with Zapier, here are the templates you need to use:

  1. Create new events

  2. Update existing events

    • Note: Update Zap requires a paid Zapier account to use multi-stage Zaps. One part finds the event and another updates it.

Don't use Google Calendar? If the service you use has a Zapier integration you can either set it up yourself with a custom Zap or get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

New to Zapier?

Zapier is a 3rd party service that allows you to connect any two applications that have built integrations with Zapier. You can create Triggers and Actions, a Trigger picks up some data from one app and an Action does something in another. For example when a customer accepts a quote in Payaca you could send an SMS with a personalised message.

You can create a free account here: https://zapier.com and set up to 5 Zaps before having to upgrade.

We'd be happy to help if you require assistance, just send us a message via the live chat.

See all our Zap templates here: https://zapier.com/apps/payaca/integrations

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