What are tags?

Explaining what tags are and how they are used

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Tags are a method that can be used to add more information to projects, events, customers and items in a visually engaging way.

Tags allow you to categorise your projects and interact with them in different ways.

For example, you can filter projects according to their tag allowing you to view similar or related projects quickly and in one place.

A helpful way to think about tags is to think of them as labels. Like labels, tags give information about the interfaces they're attached to.

If you are unfamiliar with projects you can find our full explanation in our guide to projects.

Creating tags

When you create a tag you will need to input a name (or any combination of letters or numbers) and save the tag. You can then use your saved tag to categorise any project, event, item or customer.

Uses for tags

Tags have a few useful functions that can be helpful when organising your work. They can:

  • Trigger Automations.

  • Be used to add projects to specific pipelines.

  • Enable analysis of customer and sales performance.

For more information on what tags are and how they are used watch the video below.

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