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Setting up 'on my way' SMS messages
Setting up 'on my way' SMS messages

How to use automations to send customers a text when the engineer is on their way

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Setting clear customer expectations around arrival time creates a great customer experience, and also prevents annoying 'no shows' that waste your time.

Using tags and automations, you are able to send a text to a customer to let them know your engineer is on their way.

Here is a quick video that shows you how:

Cant find 'Send SMS' as a automation action? let our team know, and we'll get that feature turned on for you.

Sending automated SMS messages to customers

From your dashboard, select "Automations" from the bar on the left hand side

Payaca add automations

Click on "Create Automation"

Payaca Create Automation

Click on "Create new automation"

Payaca Create new automation

Name your new automation

Payaca name new automation

Change the Trigger Automation type to "Event"

Payaca set automation trigger

Set the trigger to "Tagged"

Payaca set automation trigger

Click to add a new condition

In this instance, we are going to set the condition as "The newly-added tag", "equals", "On Way".

On Way matches the tag used for the event status- for more about tags, visit What are tags?

Payaca set automation conditions

To set up the SMS, click "Add action"

Payaca add action to automation

Choose "SMS Notification" from the drop-down list

Payaca SMS Notifications

Choose "Customer phone number"

Payaca set up SMS automation

Click in the message area to add your text

Payaca edit automation

Add custom variables to your messages from the list on the right

Payaca edit automations

Once you are happy with your message, click "Save changes"

Payaca edit automation

If you would like your automation to be active straight away, click to turn it on

Payaca turn on automation

Once you are happy with your automation, click save!

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