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We can automatically add your leads from directly into you Payaca accounts, saving hours of time.

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If you want to automatically add leads you purchase from, one of their brands, all you need to do is let us know.

Drop us a message on webchat confirming you want us to set this up, and let us know which pipeline you want the leads to go into.

This will usually take about a week to do everything needed to switch this on. From that point onwards, leads will be added to the pipeline of your choosing, with a '' tag so you can easily track their progress.


How long will it take to set up?

About 1 calendar week. We'll work with in that time to set up a secure connection to your account, and start sending leads.

Can I set up notifications when new leads come in?

Yes. When leads are added, they have a tag '' perfect for setting up automations. For more information on how, we've created this handy guide.

Can I automate responses to new leads?

Yes. Similar to the answer above, you can add an action to the automation in our guide to automatically message leads, increasing your chances of winning the job.

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