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How to automate lead capture from anywhere into Payaca
How to automate lead capture from anywhere into Payaca

Our create proposal Zapier action enables you to automatically pass new leads from thousands of other apps into Payaca

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Leads can come from many different places, once they land in you Payaca you know they won't be missed but the tricky part can be creating an automated process to ensure nothing is missed.

If the leads come from your website you should use one of Payaca's embedded lead capture forms for the most streamlined process, however, often these leads might come from online ads, lead generators (e.g. Bark) or you could design a simple process using a Google Sheet. This is one of the examples we walk through below.

If you're new to Zapier see our simple explanation of what it is and how it works.

Adding a new line to a Google Sheet creates a new proposal in Payaca

This is a nice one as you can simply paste a line of data in and it will appear in Payaca with all the necessary data. You don't have to follow this exactly but this is a nice starting point.

Firstly setup a Google Sheet with the following row headers: Customer name, Email, Contact number, Address 1, City, Postcode, Note, Pipeline and Tags as shown below.

Now go to Zapier start by hitting "Create" on your Zaps homepage. Search for the app "Google Sheets" and choose event "New Spreadsheet Row"

In the "Step details" above connect to your Google account and find the Spreadsheet, choose the Worksheet you want to use.

Connect to Payaca and choose event "Create Proposal"

Now the slightly fiddly bit is mapping each of your spreadsheet columns to the proposal action options as shown below. Finally pick a pipeline.

That's it, test it and turn it on!

Now all you need to do is add a new row of data to your Google Sheet and after a few minutes it will appear in Payaca. Clicking the history tab on the right will help you diagnose any issues.

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