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I can't add a user to my account
I can't add a user to my account
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If you have attempted to add a user to your Payaca account and have followed the steps explained in our article on Adding your team, then this may be caused by the following setup.

The most common reason why a user may be unable to join your Payaca account is because they already have a Payaca account that uses the email address they are trying to join with.

To get around this, either the user needs to use an alternative email address or you can get around this using the following method.

You can create any variation of an email address by using the original beginning of the email and adding "+" and then any combination of letters or numbers proceeding the "".

For example, if your user's email address was "[email protected]" you could send the invite to "[email protected]".

The account invite will still go through to the user's original address. They can then sign up and log in using the email address variation. They will then need to keep using this variation.

I want to change a user's name but use the same email address

If you want to change a user's name while keeping the same email address this is straightforward to do but must be done from within the user's account.

A user's name cannot be changed from an external account, even a Super Admin.

To change your account user name, go to "Profile" and enter a new first name and last name.

Then click save at the bottom of the screen.

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