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How to connect to ServiceM8 using Zapier
How to connect to ServiceM8 using Zapier

ServiceM8/Zapier integration

Written by Victoria Brooke
Updated over a week ago


  • Follow this guide on getting your Payaca account setup with Zapier


  • Created ServiceM8 customers required fields: Billing contact name, billing contact email

  • Created ServiceM8 customers optional fields: Billing contact phone, billing details address, billing details city, billing details post code

Create a Zap using ServiceM8:

1. Add Trigger

2. Choose App & Event

  • App: "ServiceM8"

  • Trigger Event: "New Client"

3. Choose Account

  • Log in to your ServiceM8 account

4. Test trigger

  • Loads data from your account - This should fetch live data from your account (if for some reason this fails, demo data will be loaded)

6. Add Action

7. Choose App & Event

  • App: "Payaca"

  • Action Event: "Create Customer"

8. Choose Account

  • Log in to your Payaca account

9. Set up action

  • Customers Name: "Contact First Name" "Contact Last Name" (Add a space between the data labels)

  • Email: "Contact email"

  • Contact Number: "Contact Phone"

  • Address: "Address street"

  • City: "Address City"

  • Postcode: "Address Postcode"

5. Test action

  • Test & continue

6. Turn Zap on!

7. Test it out

  • Create a customer in ServiceM8 and check that a customer is created in Payaca

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