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Adding your team
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Setting up your team is a vital part of the initial setup process.

To do this, navigate to the user section.

From here you can manage your team members, including those who have been invited but not yet accepted.

User roles explained

User roles are used to control how your team accesses Payaca.

For some team members, they may need complete access, but for other members, a simplified version will be better suited.

Depending on which user role a person is assigned, this will determine what information and functionality they have access to in Payaca.

There are 5 different user roles a person can be assigned to.

These are:

  • Super Admin

  • Admin

  • Sales Manager

  • Sales Agent

  • Field Agent

Super Admin

This is the primary account role.

It is possible to have multiple super admins, however, it isn't recommended.

  • Access all functionality available in Payaca

  • Card details are recorded on this account

  • Invoices are charged to this account

  • The only role where you can change subscription level and billing details


Has all the same user access as a super admin with the exception of the manage subscription screen.

Field agent

Has limited access to features.

From this role, a user can:

  • View the calendar

  • View and edit tasks assigned to them

  • Create their own tasks (assigned to them)

This keeps field agents focused on their main priorities.

Sales Manager

This role is designed for managing and organising projects.

A sales manager can:

  • See, search and manage all projects (including those that aren't assigned to them)

  • Make changes to proposals, invoices, documents and any resources with a project

  • Carry out actions against any project

A sales manager cannot:

  • Create and edit automations

  • Manage the company account and make changes to company information

  • See analytics information

  • Access the dashboard

  • Manage templates

Sales Agent

This role works like a sales manager but with permissions limited to their assignments.

A sales agent can:

  • Perform all the same functions as a sales manager but only on projects assigned to them

Adding users to your account

Payaca core subscriptions come with up to 5 user seats. If you want to add any additional users they will need to be added to your subscription at £30 each.

To add an additional user you need to be on the desktop version of Payaca (you cannot do this on mobile)

If all your current user spaces are allocated you will first need to purchase another user seat on your subscription.

How to purchase additional user seats

First, click on your profile dropdown in the top right corner.

Click on "Manage subscription"

Click "Update plan"

Click the "+" icon and increase users to the desired number.

Click "Update subscription" and your plan will be updated and charged accordingly.

How to assign new users to empty user seats

First, click on the dropdown in the top right corner.

Click on "Users".

Click "Add User"

Input the required details into the form that is displayed. This is also your chance to decide what type of role you want the user to have in the account.

Click "Send invite".

The invited user will be sent an email and will be invited to verify their account.

They then need to create a password.

And add their mobile number.

Once complete the new user will appear in the user's section of your account.

Changing user permissions and deleting users

If you want to change a user's permissions / user role, or you want to delete a user, follow the steps outlined below.

Changing a user's permissions

From the menu go to "Users".

Click on the three dots to the far right side of the user. Then click "Edit".

You will see the following pop-up.

Click on the drop-down arrow under "Role" to choose from available user categories.

Next, you need to decide the sort order for this user. Depending on what number you decide, this will affect the order in which you see each user.

For example, if you choose number 1, that user will appear top of your list or if you choose 4, they will come fourth.

When you're happy click "Save".

The user will be reassigned to their new role.

Deleting a user

Please note: Deleting a user will not delete that user seat. It will remove the associated account from that seat, however, that slot will still be available to you and can be reassigned to a new user. To delete a user seat you will need to manage your subscription.

From the User page click on the three dots next to the user you want to delete.

Click "Delete"

What will happen to a user's assigned projects and events once they're deleted?

If you're concerned about losing saved projects, events or other information associated with a user once they have been deleted then you do not need to worry.

Once a user is deleted any associated projects of other work they had assigned will remain visible and accessible in your Payaca account.

It will now be unassigned or, on projects or events where there are multiple assignees, the deleted user will no longer appear but original assignees will remain.

Setting hourly rates for users

When you are using timelogs, you can set up an hourly rate that is attached to different field users.

This allows you to price against the time spent on a job or other activity that a field agent is undertaking.

To assign an hourly rate, first click on the profile drop-down menu in the top right corner.

Select "Users"

Click on the three dots next to the user you want to assign the hourly rate to.

You will see a box named "Cost per hour".

Input the hourly price you want to charge for that field agent into the "Cost per hour" box.

When you're happy click "Save".

In future, any time that field agent records a timelog against an event, the log will appear in the timelogs section of your account with costs shown according to your chosen rate.

For steps on how to record a timelog, read Timelogs and Costs

These costs can be seen from the timelogs section.

Here is an example of what your logged time might look like.

Changing a user's icon colour

You can change the colour of the icon used to represent a user from the users section of your account.

User icons can be seen in the schedule, on events and with timelogs.

To change a user's colour go to "Users"

Click on the three dots next to the user you want to change and click "Edit".

Under the "Colour" section click on the colour box and choose the colour you want to use.

When you are happy, click "Save".

Please bear in mind you will be unable to save until you have decided on the "Sort order".

Depending on what number you decide, this will affect the order in which you see each user.

Cancelling your subscription

To cancel your subscription go to "Manage Subscription".

Click "Cancel plan".

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