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Taking payments
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There are two primary methods for receiving and recording payments in Payaca. These are either taking payments via Stripe or receiving a payment via bank transfer.

You can also manually record a payment if you are paid by a different method such as cash, cheque or card.

Enabling payment methods

To enable payment methods, click on the drop-down in the top right corner and go to "My company".

On the "My company" page go to the "Getting paid" tab.

Use the default payment method switches to enable or disable bank transfers and/or Stripe payments.

Connecting stripe

To connect to Stripe, you will first need an activate your Stripe account or you can create an account if you do not have one.

Go to the "Connections" page from the drop-down in the top right corner.

Under Stripe, click "Connect to Stripe".

Taking payments from invoices

When creating an invoice, you can choose to enable or disable Stripe card payments and/or bank details.

Use the tick boxes in the summary box of the invoice builder to enable or disable these payments.

If you tick neither option the customer won't be able to pay you from an invoice but will be required to contact you and resolve payments independently. You can then record payments separately in Payaca.

Customer payment process

When a customer receives a payment email from you, they will see the following message with your branding and details.

They will need to click on the "View Invoice" button to proceed.

They will be shown the invoice portal screen. to make a payment they need to click "Make a payment".

This will open the payment pop-up. If you have enabled bank transfers and card payments, these options will be available for the customer to select.

If bank transfer is selected, this will show your payment details and the costs.

If card payments are selected, the Stripe payment portal will be shown. The customer can input their information and the payment will be processed directly from the invoice.

When payment is made you will see a record of this against the project, under the Invoices / Payments tab.

Recording a one-off payment

To record a one-off payment, from an open project go to the Invoices/Payments tab.

Click "Record Payment".

Use the pop-up to record how much you have been paid, which payment method was used and the date of the transaction.

When you're happy click "Continue".

A confirmation message will be displayed.

You can also record multiple payments at once from the invoices page.

Use the checkboxes to select the invoices you want to mark as paid and click "Mark as paid".

For full details read our help article on invoicing.

Taking card payments on-site

Mobile payments can be accessed either from the project payments tab or via an invoice on the mobile app.

Payment via an invoice

To take a payment from an invoice, make sure you are on the invoice preview. Tap on the three dots at the bottom of the screen.

Tap on "Payment".

You have the option to "Charge now" via Stripe or "Record manually" which will just make a record of a payment received rather than actually processing any money.

If you use "Charge now", the amount to be invoiced will be prepopulated in the Payment amount box.

You can edit this amount if necessary.

Tap "Confirm amount".

This will open the payment portal.

Input card information and tap "Pay".

Assuming the payment went through successfully you'll see a green payment record, if not it will be red.

Payment via the project payments tab

From an open project, tap on the "+" icon.

Tap on "Payment".

From here the steps are the same as above.

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