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My payment details are not displayed on my invoices
My payment details are not displayed on my invoices
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If you want to offer your customers the ability to pay by bank transfer you may wonder how to provide them with the necessary information.

Previously this information was displayed on the quote itself.

We changed this as it created a situation in which the end clients were transferring funds without alerting the payaca system.

Your payment details will now be revealed to the customer when they click the "Make a payment" button.

This is what your invoices will look like before you send them:

The payment button is visible on the right, but there are no payment details on the invoice. This is what your customers will also see when they receive the invoice.

They need to click that "Make a payment" button to see payment details and make a payment.

Customer payment flow

Here is an example of the payment flow your customers will progress through:

  1. The customer will receive an email with a button link to view the invoice.

  2. When the customer clicks "View Invoice" they will be taken to the invoice in Payaca.

  3. To reveal payment information the customer needs to click "Make a payment". This will reveal the payment options including bank information.

  4. Once the customer has made the transfer they can click "I have completed the transfer" to alert Payaca to the completed payment. You can then confirm this in your account.

  5. If the customer clicks "I have completed the transfer" before making the payment, your bank details will still be visible to them.

  6. The customer can then make a further payment if they wish.

Paying from a PDF

If you send your customer a PDF of your invoice rather than via the invoice link, then payment details will be displayed.

This payment information will appear near the bottom of the invoice, above your terms of business and contact information.

You can easily download invoice PDFs by pressing the download button when you preview an invoice before sending.

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