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In Payaca different user accounts are used to control how information is shared across an organisation.

Depending on what account you are using, this will dictate what features you can access and how much detail you can see for any given job.

We break down the capabilities of different user accounts in more detail in our article on adding your team.

This article will focus on how to use the general mobile app for field agent users.

Please note: This article provides information on using the general mobile app rather than the field service app which works differently.

Activating your account

When your user account is first added, you will receive an email to set your password.

Follow the steps in the email to do this.

Once your email and password are set, you can sign into the mobile app, available on both Apple and Google stores.

Editing your details

To edit your account details, tap on the logo in the top right corner.

From the next screen, you can access your notification settings. This will allow you to enable or disable different push notifications.

You are also able to contact us via the "Chat with us" button.

To edit your personal details, go to "Personal information".

From here you can edit your personal details.

Please note that the gas-safe ID number will only be available if gas-safe ID is included on the primary account.

Once you're happy, tap "Save".

Viewing your schedule and events

When you first open the app you will be presented with the calendar view.

From here you can see a summary of upcoming events that are assigned to you for that day.

To view your whole calendar, use the grey bar to drag the screen down.

From the full calendar, you can quickly see on which days you have assigned events. This is indicated by the blue bubbles on those days.

If you want to open a specific day, tap on it and you will be able to see which events you have upcoming on that day.

To open an event, tap on it and it will show you more information such as access details, addresses and associated tasks.

You can also add tags if necessary.

Creating events

Typically you won't be required to create events as these are prearranged by your admin team. However, if you do need to create an event for whatever reason you can do this from the general mobile app.

To create an event, tap the plus icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Fill out the event details and tap save. Please note that this event won't be linked to a project. If you want it linked you will need your admin to do this after you have created the event.

Using tasks

Tasks can be found on the other tab at the bottom of your screen.

Tap on the bullet point icon and it will take you to the task page.

From this page, you can see all your assigned tasks.

A Task with a yellow triangle next to it indicates a task is due that day, a red triangle indicates it's overdue.

A calendar icon next to a task indicates that it is associated with an event.

To open a task, tap on it. This will show you any checklists or forms included within the task.

If the task contains a checklist you can use the checkboxes to mark each sub-task as complete. Just tap on the sub-task and the box will be filled with a green tick.

If the task contains a form, tapping on it will show what kind of form it is. Tap on the form again to start filling it out.

You will also be able to view tasks via events.

If you open an event with a task in it this will be visible within the event.

Task filters

From the task page, you can use the funnel icon to filter how you view your tasks.

These filters come under the following two categories:

  • Deadline

  • Completion

With the deadline filter, tap on the drop-down and use the green tick boxes to select or deselect the following criteria:

  • Without deadline

  • With upcoming deadline

  • With passed deadline

Using the completion filter, tap on the drop-down and use the green tick boxes to select or deselect the following criteria:

  • Incomplete

  • Completed in the past 24 hours

  • All complete

Time tracking

Timelogs allow field agents to log the time they have spent on a piece of work against an event.

This is done from an event via the general mobile app.

To record a timelog, from the general mobile app, open an event or create a new event from your schedule.

Tap "Start tracking time".

A yellow banner will appear at the top of your screen with a timer running.

Once you are ready to finish recording your log, tap "Complete".

You can adjust your recorded time by changing the start and end times.

You can see any timelogs you have recorded against this event by tapping on "View timelogs".

You will see a record of all your recorded timelogs. These can only be changed from the web version of Payaca.

Files and photos

From an event, you have access to an attachments and images section. You can use this to attach files to an event.

This can be useful if you need to add a photo from a job you're working on or an extra document for reference.

To add a file tap on "Add your files here".

Choose to add a document or an image.

If you choose an image, you have the option to "Take photo" or "Choose from library".

If you choose to add a document it will open your file downloads on your phone.


Notes can be used to add any additional information to an event.

If you need to notify another member of the team about a particular piece of information then you can do this via notes.

From an open event, tap "View/Add Notes".

Tap the "+" icon to create a new note.

Use the drop-down to select a user to notify.

Type your note in the note box.

Tap "Create Note".

Download offline data

When you go offline, it's important to make sure event information and any associated tasks are downloaded.

To do this, tap on the logo in the top right corner. From this menu, tap "Download upcoming tasks and events for offline"

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