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Importing data
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Importing data is a crucial first step in setting up Payaca. There are several methods to import data into the system.

Contact us for assistance if needed.

Importing via Connections

If you've connected with Xero or QuickBooks, you can import customer data directly from these connections. This maintains links between your existing system and Payaca.

Items such as product lists from these platforms can be imported into Payaca's items section.

To do this, go to the "Connections" page from the drop-down menu.

Your connections should first be set up before you can use them to import your data.

Using Xero as an example, you will be presented with the option to "Import Xero items" and to "Import Xero customers".

By clicking either of these buttons your data will be transferred into Payaca, populating your account with the relevant customer or item information.

Matching tax rates from Xero

From the Connections page, under Xero, click "Configure Connection".

This will open the mapping tax rates pop-up.

Use the drop-downs to match Payaca rates (displayed on the left) with Xero rates (on the right).

In both Xero and QuickBooks, there is a distinction between sales tax rates and purchase tax rates.

Sales tax rates apply to the things you sell and purchase tax rates apply to the things you purchase.

For example, when purchase orders are sent to Xero we will have to use purchase tax rates.

This allows you to create custom tax rates and have those custom tax rates correctly populated in Xero and QuickBooks.

Please note that it is possible to map your custom tax rates incorrectly. This will create significant issues for your accounting so make sure you map your rates correctly.

Importing data using the import page

From the import data page, you can upload customers, service reminders and items into your Payaca account.

Upload Customers, Service Reminders, New/existing items

The steps for importing your data are the same for customers, Service Reminders and new or existing items.

In this example, we will use customers as the upload.

Click "Upload Customers".

You will prompted to download a template.

Click "Download template".

You will be presented with a CSV file spreadsheet with defined columns. Each column will need to be filled out with information such as:

  • customer name

  • contact name

  • contact details

  • addresses

  • tenant details

Fill in this spreadsheet and upload it to Payaca using the "Upload" button.

The system will notify you of any validation errors.

You can also complete this process via the customer page.

This process is the same for Service Reminders and new or existing items.

Uploading or updating materials

To import materials related to specific suppliers, use the 'Suppliers' page.

Go to "Suppliers", and choose the supplier you want to upload to or update.

Click on the download icon to download and update materials that are already there.

Use the upload icon to upload new material data.

You will then be directed to follow the same process using a template as with customers, service reminders and new items.

Importing past projects

If you want to import past projects, please get in contact and we can help you with this.

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