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Using the field service app
Using the field service app
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The field service app has been designed for field agents, providing an uncluttered view of assigned events and tasks.

The app allows agents to track their work (including their travel time) and to send out communications to the customer.

You can find the Payaca field service app on the Google Play store for Android or the Apple App store for Apple users. Just search for Field Service by Payaca.

In this article, we will break down the main capabilities of the app.

Viewing assigned events

When you first open the app you will see the schedule view.

This will present you with a list of time slots. Between these slots, you will see any events that have been assigned to you (these essentially equate to your jobs).

You will be able to view the duration of an event at a glance by looking at the hour markers above and below the event card. The start and end times will also be visible under the event title.

You will also be able to see the name of the customer associated with that event, the address, the project number, the assigned pipeline and any tags.

Use the toggle arrows at the top of the screen to view different days in your calendar or tap on the date to open the date selector wheel.

Scroll up or down to view other events in your day.

To open the event, tap on the event card.

Once you have opened an event you will be presented with a number of different boxes revealing information about the work that needs to be done.

Before you travel

You can view the customer's contact information before you mark yourself as on your way.

This can be found under the "Contacts" section and is marked by a phone icon.

Tap on the contact information to open phone and text options.

Viewing travel directions

Before you travel you can check where you are heading by viewing the directions at the bottom of the event.

You will see the event location postcode and a button below it saying "Get directions".

Tapping on this button will give you the option to open Google Maps, Apple Maps, or copy the address.

Travel time, work time and admin time

One of the core functions of the field app is the ability to track your time before, during and after an event (the job you are doing).

Tracking travel time

When you are ready to head to the customer, tap the "On way" button.

A pop-up will open with a message explaining that "The client will be notified that you're on the way".

Tap "Start".

This will trigger an email and text confirmation message letting the customer know you are on your way. The message will include the address of the site you're heading to and the expected arrival time (this will be a ten-minute window calculated from Google Maps).

The message will use the following format:

[your user name] from [your business] is on the way to your scheduled appointment at [event site address], expected arrival between [hrs: mins and hrs: mins].

It's important that you only mark yourself as "On way" when you are ready to leave, otherwise, the customer will be given an inaccurate approximation of your arrival time.

You will also see a travel timer appear at the top of your screen.

The site address will now appear further up your screen with the option to "Get directions".

Tap "Get directions" to open Google or Apple Maps.

Once you have arrived at the customer's address, tap "Arrived".

You will be given the option to end the travel timer and start recording your time working or "Resume travelling".

Tap "Start work".

If for whatever reason the event needs to be cancelled, for example, if the customer is not in, you can't access the property or you're called away somewhere else, you can end the event early by tapping "End Event".

Recording work time

Work time is always recorded after travel time.

Once you record yourself as working, you will see a new timer at the top of your screen displaying the time spent on the job.

You will be unable to complete any tasks within the event until you have started the work timer.

When you're ready to end your work, tap on the timer at the top of your screen.

You will be given the option to "Resume work" or 'End work".

Tap "End work".

You will now be presented with the finishing screen. Here you can add any last notes and upload any photos that need to be added to the event.

Once you're happy, click "Complete Event".

If you attempt to complete an event without having completed your tasks it will ask for the reasons why each task hasn't been completed.

Admin time

Once you have finished working on an event you may have some admin tasks left over that you didn't complete on-site.

In most cases, you won't need to record admin separately as these tasks will be completed on-site, however, if there is admin to complete after the initial work, you can use this to record admin.

Tap "Start admin".

Tap "Start".

Your admin time will now be tracked.

When you are finished, tap "Done" and "End work'.


Below the primary event details and the event description, you will see the tasks box.

At a glance, you will see the number of tasks to be done and whether they've been started.

If no tasks have been completed a notification will be visible saying "Not started"

If some but not all tasks are complete the notification will say "Partially completed".

Once tasks have been completed the notification will appear in green saying "Completed'.

Within the tasks, you will find any assigned tasks or assigned forms that need to be completed.

Completing tasks

Before you can complete any tasks, you first need to start the work timer. You will not be able to begin any tasks if you have not started the event or admin timer.

To open your tasks and forms list tap on the tasks box.

This will show you a list of tasks or forms that are assigned to you.

Tasks will be represented by a tick box and forms will be displayed as a document icon.

You will see notifications letting you know what has been completed, is still to do or are in progress.

To complete a form, tap on it and this will bring up the PDF editor complete with prepopulated details.

Fill out the form and click the blue upload icon in the top right of your screen once you are finished.

Adding files

Within an event, you will see the files card.

Tap on this to view or add any files to the event. Usually, this will be used to take and store images relevant to the work you are completing.

Tap on the files card to open the files section.

You will now be able to see any files already attached to the event.

To add a new file, either by taking a picture or attaching a file already saved on your device, tap the + icon in the bottom right corner.

You will be given the option to "Take a photo", "Choose from gallery" or "Choose from files".

A copy of your file will load on the next screen. You have the option to change the file name before it is saved against the event.

When you are happy, tap "Add files".

Your file will now appear in the files section.


The notes section can be used by either you or your admin team to leave notes against the event.

This section can also be used to add additional work.

To open this section tap on the "Notes" card.

If there are any existing notes you will be able to see them from this screen.

If you want to add a note, click on the + icon in the bottom right.

You will be given the option to add a "New note" or an "Additional work request".

Tap "New note".

You will be presented with the Add a Note screen. You will see a drop-down box labelled "Notify" and a "Note" box below it.

The drop-down box can be used to select the user you wish to notify or it can be left unslected if you want to leave a general note.

Tap "Select" on the drop-down.

Use the tick box to select the name of the user you want to alert.

Tap "Apply".

Additional work

Any additional work is added via the notes section.

Click on the + icon in the bottom right of your screen.

You will be given the option to add a "New note" or an "Additional work request".

Tap "Additional work request".

You will be presented with a customised form that can be used to input information for a new job.

Completing this form will create a new project in your pipeline which can be viewed by your admin team.

When you're ready tap "Submit additional work request".

Your work request will appear as a series of notes above any personal notes you have left.

Materials in events

When viewing an event you will see a Materials card.

This is designed to show you any purchase orders that are attached to the project that event is associated with.

Tap on the material card to view materials.

You will see any purchase orders that have been sent on the project the event you are viewing is paired with.

You can tap on the purchase order to expand it and view the list of materials within the order.

Address history

You can use the address history card to view any past events that took place at the same address.

This allows you to see historic certificates or any previous notes or information from previous work carried out.

Tap on the Address history card to open it.

You will see a list of previous events that have occurred at that address. You can tap on these events to open them and interact with them as you would a usual event.

Main menu Materials

This section will show you any materials linked to projects with events that are assigned to you on the day you are viewing.

In other words, this section will show you all your materials for that day.

This section can be found in the main menu at the bottom of your screen, labelled "Materials".

If you tap on materials this will bring up your purchase order list containing materials.

As with materials within events, tap on a purchase order to expand and view materials.


The notification section, indicated by the bell icon will show you a list of updates or announcements relating to events you are assigned to or have been assigned to.

Common questions

Why aren't my forms working in the field app?

The field service app has been designed to use new PDF forms and doesn't support old-style forms or certificates. Please get in contact with us if there are new forms you want to add to your account.

Why can't I upload files on an event?

If you are recording work on one event, then you will be unable to complete work on another event until you have completed the event you are currently working on.

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