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Managing your customers
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The 'Customer' section encompasses the primary entity you are working with, be it a property agent, business, or individual.

In simple terms, the customer section refers to the entity listed on invoices.

All your customers can be created and managed from the customer section of your account.

To get a more detailed view of a customer and to manage their information, click on an individual customer. This will open that customer profile.

Addresses and contact information

From this profile, you have the ability to add multiple contacts and multiple addresses.

This is helpful for adding tenant information or information on anyone else who has access to the property.

To add this information, click the "edit" button next to the contact's name.

From this customer edit page, you can then add additional contacts and/or addresses.

For each customer, you can add multiple addresses and specify access contact details.

This allows you to provide the details of another person who might manage access to that address, such as a tenant, letting agent or other party.

This information will be represented via a key icon next to the primary customer address.

If you click on this icon it will open the access information.

If you do have multiple addresses, use the tick box to designate one address as the billing address - this is for invoicing purposes. Other addresses can be marked as site addresses for projects.

You can also assign a primary contact using the tick box.

Adding access details

When creating a new customer you will see the option to "Add access details".

Clicking on this will open a box below the main customer information. You can add an additional name, contact number, email and notes.

This contact can be used when trying to access the property and is particularly useful for rented properties. The tenant's details could be stored here for example.

You can add as many access contacts as you need.

Projects, events, service plans and analytics

From the customer profile, you will also be able to see all in-progress and completed projects that are associated with that customer.

Any events associated with that customer will also be visible.

If a customer is signed up to a service plan, this information will be visible as will any analytics associated with that customer.

Create a new customer

To create a new customer click "Create Customer".

Fill out the necessary information.

If you want to add additional contacts or multiple addresses to your new customer click "Go to advanced edit".

Adding multiple contacts and multiple addresses

To add multiple contacts to a customer record, either when creating a new customer or editing an existing customer, you need to use the "Go to advanced edit" button.

When editing an existing customer, click on the customer you want to edit. You will see a summary of their information and any project associated with that customer.

You need to click "Edit" in the top left corner.

On the right side of your screen, you will see the option to "Go to advanced edit"

The page displayed will show you the overall customer name at the top. Below you will see a separate box showing the contacts within that customer record and a box below displaying any addresses.

To add a new customer click "Add contact".

This will open a new contact box next to your primary contact. You can fill this out with the additional contact's information.

If you want to change the primary contact use the tick box where it says "This is the primary contact"

You can add as many sub-contacts as you like. Just use the "Add contact" button.

To add additional addresses, scroll down the page and below the address section, click "Add address".

This will open another address box below the billing address.

Use the tick box that says "This is the billing address" to assign your billing address.

Once you're happy with your updates save your changes by clicking "Save" in the top right corner. This will only be available if you have made changes.

Importing customers

If you want to create multiple customers at once, it is possible to bulk-upload customers through the import feature. Find out how in our article on 'Importing your data'.

Deleting customers

To delete a customer, click "Bulk edit".

Use the tick boxes to select a customer or customers you want to delete.

In the right-hand corner, click "Delete".

Confirm you want to delete the customer(s).

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