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How do I create a purchase order?
How do I create a purchase order?
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To create or edit a purchase order you first need to go to your suppliers page.

Click on the supplier you want to create a purchase order with. If you want to use a system-updated supplier then choose Williams.

For the purpose of this help article, we will use Williams.

Click on the tab labelled "Purchase Orders".

Create a new purchase order

From the purchase order tab, click "Create Purchase Order".

You now need to add materials to your order.

Click "Add materials".

You can also add additional notes to your order. These will be visible to the merchant when your order is sent.

Use the tick box to select your desired materials. And use the filters at the top to help you choose your materials.

Once you have selected all the materials you want to include in your order, click "Add selected Materials".

Your materials will now be displayed to you in a list.

To proceed, click "Preview Purchase Order".

You will be presented with a draft of your purchase order.

To send the order to the supplier click "Send".

You will be presented with an editable preview of the email that will be sent to the supplier. Make any changes you require then click "Send".

Once the purchase with the supplier has been confirmed you can click "Confirm Purchase".

You will be given the opportunity to adjust the record of purchased items. If any item was unavailable or not received you can remove it from the final confirmed list.

When you're happy, click "Confirm".

If you want to download the final pdf click "Download pdf".

Editing daft purchase orders

Whenever you go to the purchase orders tab you will be able to see a list of previous purchase orders and their different states.

From this view, you will be able to find any incomplete purchase orders that are still in a draft state.

To edit a draft purchase order, click on the draft purchase order you want to edit. This will open the order.

Click "Edit".

You will now be able to add and remove materials as you see fit.

Follow the steps above (creating a new purchase order) to send your purchase order.

If you want to leave the order as a draft, click "Back" and your changes will be saved in a draft state.

How to void a purchase order

To void a purchase order open the purchase order you want to void.

Click "Void this purchase order".

To confirm, click "Void"

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