What are Purchase Orders?
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Purchase orders can be found in the suppliers section of your Payaca account and can be used to send purchase lists directly from your Payaca account to your supplier.

What is a purchase order?

Within Payaca a purchase order is a list of materials that are associated with a certain supplier.

These work like shopping lists, allowing you to work out what materials you need to purchase to deliver a piece of work or just to update your stock.

Purchase orders can be created and paired with a particular project and customer or can be created as an independent list.

Purchase orders are always attributed to a certain supplier. The supplier is the place where the materials will be bought from.

What is the purpose of purchase orders?

Purchase orders are designed to make it easy to keep track of the materials you need and where you can get them from.

Rather than having to keep track of this information outside Payaca, you can easily manage all your materials within your CRM.

When you need to purchase a list of materials you can email your order list directly from your payaca account straight to the supplier.

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