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How do I create multiple-choice and optional extras in proposals?
How do I create multiple-choice and optional extras in proposals?
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One of the core features of Payaca is the ability to give customers a choice between different items within a quote or to add additional optional products.

This allows you to better sell your quote to the customer, giving them more agency in the buying process.

How to create multiple-choice items

Proposals are made up of collections of items called item groups.

Before you can create multiple-choice items, you first need to add a group to your proposal.

For information on how to create and edit item groups read "How do I create item groups?".

Once you have your group click on the item you would like to make a multiple choice option.

This will open the item.

You now need to change the item setting from "Required" to "Mulitple choice"

Once updated this will automatically save.

Click "Back to Quote".

Your item will now appear with a selectable box next to it. Until you assign other items in the group to multiple choice you will not be able to choose between selectable items.

Repeat this process for all the items you want to make multiple choice.

You will now be able to choose between items that have been set to multiple-choice from within the group.

How to create optional extras

To make an item an option extra open the item from within its group.

Change the item setting from "Required" to "Optional extra".

Items assigned as optional extras have a tick box next to them that can be checked to add the item to the cost of the proposal or left deselected if they aren't wanted.

How to use multiple choice and optional extras with groups

It's important to understand that multiple-choice and optional extras can only be used from within item groups.

It isn't possible to give a choice between groups, only within groups.

You may want to create multiple groups with different combinations of choices.

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