How do I create item groups?
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Item groups are collections of items that can be saved together as a cluster and can be used to quickly build a quote.

Once saved these groups can be dropped straight into any quote, allowing you to build similar quotes very quickly. In effect, they operate like quote templates, saving you time and ensuring consistency.

Creating an item group

To create an item group you first need to create a project and then create a draft proposal.

Within the project, from the proposals tab, click "Create proposal".

This will open a new draft proposal for the customer associated with that project.

Proposals have a number of different sections. You will see:

  • The quote number at the top

  • A customer details section

  • An intro section

  • An items section

  • A notes section

  • An attachment section

For the purpose of this article, we will be focussing on the Items section.

When you first open a new proposal the items section will contain one empty item group

So far this item group does not contain any items.

To start adding items to your group, click into the search box within the item group.

If you want to add an item that is already saved then start typing the name of the item you are after.

If you cannot remember the name of the item click "Advanced search". This will open up a list of your saved items. Click on the item you want to add.

You can now repeat this process to add a collection of items to your group.

Create and add a new item to an item group

To add a new item, click into the empty group search box.

Click "Create a new Item".

Fill out the item information and click "Back to Quote"

Your new item will now be added to your item group.

You can continue to add items to build out your group.

Remove an item from an item group

To remove an item from a group, click on the item you want to remove to open it.

Click "Remove item"

Adding saved item groups

If you already have item groups saved from previous proposals you can add these straight away.

Click "Search existing groups".

Saved groups, including system groups, will be presented as options in a box.

Click on the item group you want to add to your proposal.

This group will be added to your proposal.

Adding additional groups

Once you've filled your first group with items, you may want to create an additional separate group.

You can create and add as many separate item groups to your proposal as you like.

To add a new group, click "Create new group".

How to remove an item group

To remove/delete an item group click on the "x" in the top right corner of the group.

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