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How do I create and manage my events?
How do I create and manage my events?

How to schedule work, book a customer appointment and organise your team's time

Written by Chloe Duggan-Jones
Updated over a week ago

Creating events

Via web browser

There are two main places where you can create and manage events.

1. Creating an event from the calendar view

Click "Schedule" to access the main calendar page.

Payaca scheduling

To schedule an event, click "Create Event"

A pop-up will appear for you to complete the event information.

Start by linking your event to a project. You can do this by searching for the project you're after, either using the project name or number.

Payaca create new event

You can also use a saved project template if you want to create a standardised event. templates allow you to quickly fill out event information such as the event name, tags and tasks. Find out more about event templates.

Complete all required information. You can also assign one or multiple users to the event - they will be notified of this and be able to access and complete the event.

When you're happy, click "Create event" to save.

Payaca Create event

Your event will now appear on the Schedule.

2. Creating an event from a project

On an individual project page, you can see the events that are linked to that project.

To create an event from this page click "Create Event"

Click on Create Event

Follow the same steps outlined above when creating an event from the schedule. The new event will automatically be paired with the project you're working on.

Via the mobile app

On the mobile app, team members with field agent seats will only be able to see events and tasks assigned to them.

If events are assigned to them these will appear in their calendar. They will also receive a notification when the event has been assigned.

If push notifications aren't enough you can also set up SMS automations to make sure they don't miss an appointment.

For admins who create and edit events, the mobile app also provides a simple interface for creating and editing events. You can create tasks, attach images and docs, as well as link important forms for the team to complete.

For field agents and techs, they can also upload images and add tags that drive automations such as customer "on the way" notifications and moving a project to the next stage of a pipeline.

To create an event from the Calendar view

Press the "+" icon in the corner to add a new event.

Payaca add event from phone

Enter the information required and click "Save".

Payaca add event from phone

Create an event from a project

From the project view, click the "+" icon to bring up the menu

Payaca add new event on phone

Select "Event"

Payaca create new event on phone

Follow the same steps as explained for the calendar view.

Editing an event

If you just want to change the timings of an event there are two ways of doing this.

  1. Open the event and manually update the timings on the event

  2. From the schedule screen, you can drag and drop an event into a new timeslot

For all other edits, click on the event you want to edit, either from the schedule or from within a project and click on the three dots in the corner. Click "Edit" and make your changes.

Viewing your events

You can view all your events from the schedule page or from within a project.

To view an event from within a project simply open the project that is attached to the event you want to see and it will appear in the overview. You can also go to the schedule tab to see a condensed version of the full schedule page.

You can adjust how you view your schedule in a few different ways.

User view vs full view

From the full view, you can see all events in one calendar with no obvious separation between how events are assigned

From the user view, you have a more specific few that shows events separated between different users. This allows you to see who is assigned to which events very easily.

Month, week, day, list

You can also change the time frame in which you view your calendar to break it into more digestible chunks.

The month view will show the whole month. Week view will show you the current week with a breakdown of each day hour by hour.

The day view will show you the current day with an hour-by-hour breakdown. If you need to navigate to a particular day quickly you can click on the "Jump to date" button which will allow you to choose a day to go to.

The list view will show you a descending list of your events in chronological order. Days with no events in them will not be shown.

Business hours

If you have set your business hours you can adjust your calendar to show or display your working hours.

Read "How do I edit my default working hours?" for more information on business hours.

Click on "Show non-business hours" to show the full day or click on "Hide non-business hours" to only show the hours you're working.

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