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How do I log my time against an event?
How do I log my time against an event?
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If you're looking to charge for the time you spend on a job or during any activity you can use timelogs to do this.

Timelogs are recorded against events and can be completed on the mobile app (not the web platform).

For more information on timelogs read "What are timelogs?".

To record a timelog

From the mobile app, open an event or create a new event from your schedule.

Tap "Start tracking time".

A yellow banner will appear at the top of your screen with a timer running.

Once you are ready to finish recording your log, tap "Complete".

You can adjust your recorded time by changing the start and end times.

You can see any timelogs you have recorded against this event by tapping on "View timelogs".

You will see a record of all your recorded timelogs. These can only be changed from the web version of Payaca.

You can view all your recorded timelogs in one place from the timelogs section of your web account.

If you're looking to categorise your timelogs, read "How do I create different timelog types?"

If you want to assign hourly rates to your agents read "How do I set hourly rates for my field agents?".

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