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How do I set hourly rates for my field agents?
How do I set hourly rates for my field agents?
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When you are using timelogs, you can set up an hourly rate that is attached to different field users.

This allows you to price against the time spent on a job or other activity that a field agent is undertaking.

If you're unfamiliar with timelogs, read our article on "What are timelogs".

You can assign different categories to recorded time periods. Find out how in "How do I create different timelog types?".

How to assign hourly rates to field users

To assign an hourly rate, first click on the profile drop-down menu in the top right corner.

Select "Users"

Click on the three dots next to the user you want to assign the hourly rate to.

Click "Set hourly rate".

Input the hourly price you want to charge for that field agent.

Click "Submit" to save the value.

In future, any time that field agent logs on an event will appear in the timelogs section of your account with costs shown according to your chosen rate.

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