How do I colour-code events?
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Colour coding on events can be used to give information about the status of events or be used to let you know what pipeline an event is associated with.

For more information on events, read what are events.

For an explanation of pipelines, read what are pipelines.

Event status colours

When event status colours are turned on, events will appear colour-coded, indicating if they are complete or incomplete.

  • Events will appear as green when all the associated tasks have been completed.

  • Events will appear yellow when some but not all of the associated tasks have been completed

  • Events will appear as red when associated tasks have not been completed, and the event is in the past

  • If an event has no tasks associated with it or an end date in the future with no completed tasks it will be white

For an explanation of tasks, read what are tasks.

How to turn on event status colour coding

To get started head over to the company settings section:

To access this from your Dashboard, select your company name in the top right corner, and select "My company"

Payaca change company details

Click on "Schedule"

Payaca edit schedule

Under Scheduled Event colour, click the drop-down and select "Task status".

Once you've selected this setting events in your schedule will now display as either green, orange, red or white, allowing you to quickly understand an event's status without clicking into it.

Event colours according to pipeline

If you set events to display according to pipeline, they will appear in the colour that matches the pipeline they are associated with.

This allows you to quickly see which events apply to which pipelines from the schedule view.

How to turn on event pipeline colours

To turn on event colour coding according to pipelines follow the steps above:

My Company > Schedule > Scheduled Event colour coding by, select "Pipeline".

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