What is dispatch in Payaca?
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Dispatch is a tool in Payaca that allows you to see where your project and events are on a map.

Dispatch is essentially another way of viewing your events and projects. As such if you want a piece of work to appear on the dispatch map you will first need to create a project or event with an assigned address.

Dispatch will only show projects and events with assigned addresses.

For more information on events read what are events. For an explanation of projects read what are projects.

From the dispatch view, you can easily see the proximity of projects and events to one another and work out how jobs are grouped together by area.

You can also quickly see who is assigned to which jobs via the map pins or if an event is a group job.

By using the pipeline stage or time period filters, you can change how projects and events are displayed on the map, giving you a more focussed view of upcoming work.

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