What are timelogs?
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Timelogs do what they say on the tin.

They allow field agents to log the time they have spent on a piece of work against an event.

For more information on events, read what are events.

This is done via the Payaca mobile app from within an event.

For steps on how to record a timelog read "How do I log my time against an event?"

Any field agent can use the "Start tracking time" button, and a timer will start running until the timelog is marked as complete. This will provide a record of time spent against the event.

Timelogs can also be attributed to individual users, allowing a team to track time spent on a job against individuals.

Field staff can also be assigned an hourly rate, making it easier to calculate costs per job.

For steps on how to assign an hourly rate to a field agent read our article on assigning hourly rates.

Another feature allows timelogs to be categorised according to different types. These categories can be set up in the My Company section and attributed to any logged period.

Completed timelogs can all be viewed from the web view, where you can see a record of all the timelogs carried out and who they are attributed to.

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