How do I create materials?
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Materials act like shopping lists, letting you know what is required to deliver any item.

You can find out more about what materials are and how they work in our article on what are materials.

Creating materials

To create a material:

From the Dashboard go to "Materials".

Click "Create Materials".

The material editor will open, allowing you to input information about the material you want to create.

The sections indicated with a red asterisk are required and should be filled out. You need to choose a name and assign a price.

You will also need to assign a supplier.

You can search for existing suppliers or create a new supplier by clicking into the box and selecting "Create a new Supplier".

You can:

  • Add images by clicking on the image icon and uploading files.

  • Add a description with extra information.

  • Choose the category you want to assign the material to such as plumbing, heating or bathrooms.

  • Assign a supplier, so you know where this material can be sourced - find out more about suppliers.

  • Add an external link to where the material can be purchased.

  • Add a supplier reference

Once you have filled out the information you need, click "Save".

You will now be presented with that materials page, from here you can manage that material including seeing linked items.

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