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How do I set up my payment information?
How do I set up my payment information?
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Within Payaca you can save your payment details making it easy for you to take payments from your customers.

This includes your Account name, Sort code and Account number, as well as your VAT number and Payment terms.

By saving this information in Payaca every time a customer is directed to make a payment, they will be provided with your bank details as an option to make a bank transfer.

To set up this information:

Click on the drop-down in the top right-hand corner.

Click on "My company".

Go to the "Getting paid" tab.

You can now input your bank details, VAT number and Payment terms.

You can also enable card payments with Stripe and Bank transfers by clicking the switches to on.

When a customer goes to make a payment, your payment information will be provided in the following format:

They also have the option to pay by card if this has been enabled (by turning on the switches under "Payment method defaults")

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