What are user roles and how do I use them?

User roles and their functions explained

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User roles are used to control how your team accesses Payaca.

For some team members, they may need complete access, but for other members, a simplified version will be better suited.

Depending on which user role a person is assigned, this will determine what information and functionality they have access to in Payaca.

For information on how to assign or remove user roles, read "How do I reassign or delete users".

There are 5 different user roles a person can be assigned to.

These are:

  • Super Admin

  • Admin

  • Sales Manager

  • Sales Agent

  • Field Agent

Super Admin

This is the primary account role.

It is possible to have multiple super admins, however, it isn't recommended.

  • Access all functionality available in Payaca

  • Card details are recorded on this account

  • Invoices are charged to this account

  • The only role where you can change subscription level and billing details


Has all the same user access as a super admin with the exception of the manage subscription screen.

Field agent

Has limited access to features.

From this role, a user can:

  • View the calendar

  • View and edit tasks assigned to them

  • Create their own tasks (assigned to them)

This keeps field agents focused on their main priorities.

Sales Manager

This role is designed for managing and organising projects.

A sales manager can:

  • See, search and manage all projects (including those that aren't assigned to them)

  • Make changes to proposals, invoices, documents and any resources with a project

  • Carry out actions against any project

A sales manager cannot:

  • Create and edit automations

  • Manage the company account and make changes to company information

  • See analytics information

  • Access the dashboard

  • Manage templates

Sales Agent

This role works like a sales manager but with permissions limited to their assignments.

A sales agent can:

  • Perform all the same functions as a sales manager but only on projects assigned to them

If you want to delete users, read our article on "How do I reassign or delete users". If you want to add additional user seats to your account read "How do I add new users to my account".

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