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How do I upload and attach documents in Payaca?
How do I upload and attach documents in Payaca?
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Payaca allows you to upload and store important documents within projects.

This allows you to see all the information you need to manage a piece of work with a customer, all in one place.

Some examples of how you might use this feature include:

  • Uploading before and after photos.

  • Adding your receipts or checklists from site surveys.

You can also attach documents to proposals.

Documents attached to proposals will be sent to the customer with the proposal. These are often used to send relevant images that relate to the proposal or quote.

It's important to note that if you want to send documents to a customer you can only do this by attaching them to the proposal or invoice - or in some specific forms, attachments can be added while creating the form, such as with job reports.

How to store documents within a Project

From the Projects page, open the Project you want to attach a document to or, if you want to attach files to a new project, create a new project first.

In the open project, select the "Files" tab.

Click "Add files"

To add a file or image either click the "+" icon and select the file you want or drag and drop the file into the dotted box.

Your file will appear next to the "+" icon. Select the "X" icon to close the uploader (your file will be saved).

Your file will appear next to the file uploader and template builder.

How to attach files to a proposal or invoice

From the projects page, either create a new project or open a project with an unsent proposal.

Go to the Proposals tab

Click "Create proposal" or if you have a draft proposal already created, click on the draft to open it.

Payaca create proposal

At the bottom of the page, there is a section called "Attachments". Click on the "+" icon and select the file you want to attach or drag and drop files straight into the uploader.

Payaca add attachment to quote

Your files will now be attached to the quote and will be sent with the quote when you send it off.

The process is exactly the same for attaching files to an invoice. Just attach the files when you create the invoice.

If you need help attaching forms and certificates read our help article on "How do I create forms and certificates".

Uploading Files to EVERY Quote and Invoice

There may be certain documents you would like to send with every quote and invoice, for example, a company brochure.

To get started head over to the company settings section:

To access this from your Dashboard, select your company name in the top right corner, and select "My company"

payaca view company settings

In the company settings, select "Branding"

Payaca edit company branding

Upload your document here:

Payaca add documents to quotes and invoices
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