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How do I create forms and certificates?
How do I create forms and certificates?
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Before you start creating your own forms, you might want to first get your head around what these forms are and how they function.

This is all explained in our article on what are industry forms.

Steps are included for desktop and mobile

Creating a form

Go to the project page and select the project you want to assign the form to. Or if you're creating a new project, click "Create Project"

Once inside the project, select the "Files" tab

If you're using the mobile app, click on the Plus icon

Within this tab, you can choose to "Add files" or "Choose form templates"

To create a form or certificate, click "Choose form template"

Choosing your form/certificate template

On the next screen, choose the form or certificate you would like to complete from the dropdown list

Next, if you're using a desktop, decide whether to complete the form or certificate yourself or send it to someone else via email.

If you're on mobile, you're not given the choice to send the form to someone.

Click "Create form" to get started.

Filling out the form/certificate

Depending on the form or certificate template chosen, you will be taken through the steps necessary to complete it.

At each stage, there will be certain steps that are marked with a red asterisk and must be completed to be able to complete the full form/certificate.

If any of these sections are left incomplete the section with the missing information will be highlighted at the end of the process.

Once you've filled out all the information you will be presented with option to submit the form.

Click "Submit".

You will be presented with a form like the one shown below.

Sending the form/certificate

You can now choose to send a copy to the customer, which will send out an email with the attached form/certificate with your customised email, or you can download the document as a pdf.

You can go back and access any forms or certificates you've created by returning to the files section in any project that has a form or certificate attached to it.

If you're looking for information on how to use tasks, check out "How to use Tasks".

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