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How do I create a new item to sell?
How do I create a new item to sell?

Create items you sell to easily add them to proposals

Written by Chloe Duggan-Jones
Updated over a week ago

Items are the products or services that a business sells to its customers. These can be anything from physical goods to digital services, and they go on quotes and invoices. Find out more about items you sell.

In Payaca's software, items can be linked to materials in a many-to-many relationship.

This means that a single item can be made up of multiple materials, and a single material can be used in multiple items.

To learn more about Items, Materials and Suppliers, click here.

Create new items

To add a new item, visit the "Items you sell" tab, on the menu bar:

Select "Create Item"

Create an Item Reference. This is internal and will not be shown to the customer.

Add a Title & description. This will be shown on proposals, so feel free to add lots of detail here!

You can also add your own images. This is a good idea as these images will appear on your proposals making them stand out to your customers.

Just click on the image icon and upload image files or drag and drop your image file directly into the image space.

Add materials to your items

Next, you can add materials. To do this click "Add Material".

Here you can choose to add materials you use to deliver your item.

Use the filters to find your materials.

Once you've added your material, you can also change your supplier from the item page you are on.

To learn about adding or updating your own suppliers, visit How to import materials from your own suppliers.

Once you have selected your materials, click "Add selected Materials"

.Payaca add materials to items

Pricing your items

To price your item, you have the option of choosing a set price, setting a profit percentage or setting a profit amount. Your item price will likely need to at least equal the cost of your materials.

Once you are happy with your item, click "Back".

You will now be able to add your item to new proposals.

To see how you can create engaging quotes, and add item groups, visit the Proposal help section

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