What are industry forms in Payaca?

Inlcudes a full list of forms included within Payaca

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In Payaca you can access many industry forms that have been prebuilt into the platform.

These are predominately made up of electrical and heating forms but also includes non-industry-specific forms too.

To find out how to create your own industry forms and certificates read our article on "How do I create forms and certificates".

The full list of forms included within Payaca is the following:


  • Job Report


  • Gas Safety Certificate

  • Boiler Service Record

  • Landlord Oil Installation Certificate

  • Non Domestic Gas Safety Certificate

  • Commercial Catering Inspection Record

  • Oil Firing Installation Completion Report

  • Gas Warning Notice

  • Oil Firing Servicing and Commissioning Report

  • Unvented Hot Water Cylinder Certificate


  • Minor Electrical Works Installation Certificate

  • [18] Domestic Electrical Installation Condition Report

  • [18] Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate

  • [18.2] Electrical Installation Certificate

  • [18.2] Electrical Installation Condition Report

Any form can be opened and completed within the Payaca account and can be added to projects or tasks. They can also be sent and assigned to account users.

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