What are events in Payaca?

An explanation of how events are used and function in Payaca

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Events work in the same way as you would use a calendar event on your phone or within your email account.

They work as markers in your schedule letting you and your team know that you have something coming up.

This might be a job, a customer booking or something else important. One of the primary functions of an event is as a reminder for an upcoming project.

Payaca Create an Event

Events can be created and viewed from the Schedule section of your Payaca account.

Within an event you can include a number of pieces of important information such as the:

  • Event name

  • Assigned users

  • Event description

  • Start and end date

  • Event location

You also have the ability to link events to projects, providing another way to access and manage your projects. This is particularly useful when used with forms to create service reminders for upcoming projects.

You can also create event templates. These allow you to quickly build events without having to input all the event information every time.

This is particularly useful for recurring events that you use often and create many times.

If you want to set up your own event templates find out how in "How do I create and use event templates".

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