What are tasks?
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Tasks are essentially to-do lists.

They provide you and your team with additional information about what needs to be done on upcoming projects.

Tasks are presented as a series of tick boxes that can be clicked to mark as complete.

These can be used either with checklists or forms.

For help using tasks, read "How can I create and use tasks".


Forms refer to industry forms that are used for specific jobs, such as a Gas Safety Certificate or a Minor Electrical Works Installation Certificate.

These are attached to the task, making them easy to access and complete.


Checklists operate as a sub-category of tasks.

They allow you to break down tasks into a series of smaller to-dos within that primary task.

For example, a task might be to contact a customer. Within that task, the checklist might be a series of questions to ask the customer.

Offline access

Tasks can also be accessed while working offline.

Data created while offline (for example a job form completed) will be synced whenever you complete any action in the app whilst online.

Link tasks

Tasks can also be linked to events and projects allowing you to connect them to a particular location or project.

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