What are materials and what are they for?

An explanation of what materials are and how they can be used

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Materials are the component parts that makeup items (items you sell).

These are usually basic parts that are common across multiple jobs. A good example would be copper piping or nuts and bolts.

These materials when combined can be used to make up the parts of an item such as a radiator.

Read our article on what are items for more information on how materials and items work together.

Whereas items are displayed on quotes and are visible to your customers, materials are used as a way of organising the different parts required for a job and are not visible to customers.

Linking materials

Materials can be linked to suppliers to make it easy to track and find what you need for any given project.

Multiple materials can be attributed to a single supplier and multiple suppliers can be attached to a single material.

You can find many materials already provided through the Williams supplier. This saves you from having to manually build up many individual materials.

However, you can create your own materials and set up your own suppliers within your account.

You can save time doing this by importing materials via a CSV file, allowing you to update your materials list very quickly.

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