What are items you sell?

An explanation of what items you sell are and how they function

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Items represent the products or services that your business sells to its customers and can be found in the items you sell section of your Payaca account.

Items can be anything from physical goods to digital services and are used to build quotes and invoices.

Any one item can be made up of a combination of materials or may be an item on its own.

A good way to think about this is through the following analogy.

If your quote describes the meal you are making (the finished product), then the items are the different dishes within that meal.

The meal might include, soup to start, a roast chicken for the main and a cake for the dessert. These are your items.

However, the different dishes are still made up of ingredients. Tomato soup includes tomatoes and cream, the chicken is used for the roast chicken and the cake is baked with eggs, flour, butter, etc.

These ingredients represent the materials that make up the items (the soup, chicken, cake) that you need to deliver the dishes for the meal.

How items are used

Items allow you to quickly build a quote. Rather than writing out each item line by line, you can drop in pre-saved items very quickly.

You can either create items yourself and populate them with your own information such as the price and a description, or you can use saved system items.

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