What are pipelines?

An explanation of what pipelines are and what they're used for.

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Sometimes referred to as customer journey pipelines, these are used to track the progress of a project with a customer in a visually engaging way.

If you want to make customised pipelines read how to make custom pipelines.

A pipeline is made up of a series of customisable stages that open projects can progress through.

Read our explanation of what is a project for more detail on how projects work.

Payaca pipeline view

If a project refers to an ongoing interaction with a customer then the pipeline refers to the interface used to track the progression of that project.

The project travels through the pipeline revealing information about how it's progressing at a glance.

You can customise pipelines to include unique stages that reflect your own specific process.

Payaca switch between pipelines

In this way, you can have multiple pipelines which allow you to set up multiple different flows for different types of work.

These work best when combined with tags. Find out more about tags.

You can also set up automations that can be used to progress a project through the different stages of the pipeline automatically as they're completed. Find out more about automations.

For more in-depth information on what pipelines are and how you can use them, watch the video below.

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