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How do I send emails from a custom address?
How do I send emails from a custom address?

Send emails from your business

Written by Chloe Duggan-Jones
Updated over a week ago

If your business has its own domain (e.g., and you send emails from addresses on that domain (e.g. [email protected]), you can now configure Payaca to send customer-facing messages from your own email addresses (as opposed to [email protected]).

Without DNS

To get started, head over to the Company Settings page:

Payaca Company Settings page

Enter the email address you want to send from, and hit the "Add email address" button.

The page will update to show you the confirmation status of the newly added email.

Next, check your inbox.

You should have received an email requesting that you confirm ownership of the email address.

Click the confirmation button, return to Payaca, and click the "Check status" link next to the email address.

Payaca email customisation

The page will update to indicate that the email address has been confirmed.

Confirmed email addresses will show in the dropdown selector labelled "Customer-facing emails".

Select your email address, and Payaca will start using it to send customer emails 😁

Payaca custom email domain

You can add additional email addresses by following the same procedure. Or, for the power users amongst you, you can take it one step further…

Advanced usage (domain DKIM verification)

If you have access to your domain's DNS configuration, you can verify your domain. This brings additional benefits:

  • No confirmation step is required when adding additional email addresses;

  • Builds your domain's confidence score (a rating used by email clients to determine how "spammy" your emails are);

  • Even greater deliverability;

To get started with this, click the "Verify domain" link.

A window will appear with information about the new DNS records that you'll need to add.

N.B. Updating your domain's DNS configuration is outside of the scope of Payaca's support. We don't recommend you attempt this unless you are familiar with DNS records, or have a friendly webmaster nearby! 😁

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