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How do I create a custom pipeline?
How do I create a custom pipeline?

Build your own customer journey pipeline

Written by Chloe Duggan-Jones
Updated over a week ago

For a full explanation of what pipelines are read "What are Pipelines".

When you first sign up, the initial display will show a generic pipeline, but you are also able to build custom pipelines that better fit your own processes.

Creating a custom pipeline

From the projects page, click on "DEFAULT" to select the pipeline view.

From the dropdown, select "Create custom pipeline".

Name your new pipeline

Choose a pipeline to use as the template for your new pipeline (we recommend starting with the default pipeline). Choose a name and click "Create".

Congratulations, you have a new pipeline!

Customising your pipeline

To start customising your pipeline to better fit your own processes, click "Customise".

From this screen, add stages by pressing any of the + icons between stages.

Choose your stage name by typing the name into the displayed box. Or you can choose from one of the available names by clicking in the displayed box and choosing from the dropdown list.

Deleting pipeline stages

To delete a stage press on the bin icon.

Once you're happy click "Save".

Deleting a pipeline

To delete a pipeline click "Delete pipeline".

You can customise your pipeline to reflect your business processes by using unique stages to suit your unique workflow.

For example, here we have added "Survey Scheduled".

View your pipelines

You can view all your pipelines including your custom pipelines from the dropdown button next to the "Create Project" button.

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