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How can I create and use tasks?
How can I create and use tasks?

Tasks help you track what needs to be done and who needs to do it.

Written by Chloe Duggan-Jones
Updated over a week ago

If you're unfamiliar with tasks, you can find out what tasks are in this article.

For more information on events, check out what are events in Payaca.

Tasks help to keep track of work that needs to be done to complete a job. They can be assigned to users, and linked to forms or checklists so that team members in the field know what needs to be done.

Tasks can also be accessed while working offline.

Data created while offline (for example a job form completed) will be synced whenever you complete any action in the app whilst online.

Creating a task

To create your first task, open a project and select “Create Task

A pop-up will appear on the screen.

Choose a name for your task, and assign it to the appropriate team member.

Select a due date and add notes where applicable.

Below this, you will also see the option to add a checklist or a form to be completed to fulfil the task.

Payaca create task pop up screen



Create a checklist for the field agent to work through while on site.

Select an industry standard form to be completed on site, for example a boiler service record, or general job report.

Adding tasks to an event

Method 1

Add an event to a project by clicking “Create Event”

For example, this could be a site visit for installation.

Payaca deal screen showing create event button
Payaca create event pop up

Once the event has been created, click on the event to view more details. Here you can select to add tasks.

Adding tasks to an event

Method 2

Click the 3 dots next to an existing task, then select "Link an event"

Payaca link event screenshot

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