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How do I create and use event templates?
How do I create and use event templates?

When and how to create event templates

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Events work in the same way as the events you use in google calendar or in your mobile calendar.

Within Payaca you can create events and see them all displayed in your schedule. This allows you to see what upcoming work you have, on what day, at what time, where and with info on what needs to be done.

Events are a quick way to see high-level information about upcoming work and activities for you and your team.

For more info on events read "What are events in Payaca".

You can find out more about events in our help article on How to create and manage events.

Event templates

Event templates are a set framework (or template) you can use to create similar events very quickly without having to repeatedly build them from scratch.

For example, if you regularly perform boiler installs, rather than having to input the event description and name every time, you can use a template to create boiler install events in a couple of clicks.

How to create event templates

From your dashboard click on your company profile dropdown in the top right corner.

From the dropdown select "Templates".

On the templates page click "Create Template".

This will open the template builder.

From here you can input your desired information such as the event name, event description and how long you want the event to last. You can also attach any relevant files such as certificates or forms you might need.

If you want to name the event template (as opposed to just naming the event), click "Add Template name and description" to add the template name.

Fill out the necessary extra information.

You can also attach tags to your event template by clicking "Add tags".

For more information on using tags read our help article on tags.

Using event templates

To use an event template go to the "Schedule" page in your account.

There are two methods to create an event from the schedule page.

Method 1

Click the "Create Event" button and this will open the event builder.

Method 2

Use the Month, Week or Day buttons to adjust your view of the schedule. Each gives you a more zoomed-in view of your calendar.

Click into the slot where you want the event to occur. This might be a day or a specific time if you're using day view. This will open the event builder.

From here the steps are the same.

Click into the "Choose a Template" box.

From here you can search for a specific template - if you only have one template this template should appear as a dropdown when you click in the box.

Once you have selected the template this will populate the event with all the information you have saved from your template. You can now make any adjustments you need for that particular event.

You can repeat this process as many times as necessary.

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