Duplicating Proposals

Want to send the same proposal again? Here's how you can easily duplicate it.

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If you've created a Proposal and you need to use it again either for the same customer or a different one, here's a really simple way to do it with steps for the web browser or mobile app.

Via web-browser

Click the 3 dots next to the Proposal and then click "Duplicate". This creates a new Project which contains the duplicated Proposal.

Now you have a duplicated Proposal simply choose the customer here.

The information that gets duplicated is:

  • Intro

  • All Items and Item Groups

  • Notes for the customer

  • Due in days

  • Payment options

In the App

Visit the project, and view the proposal you would like to duplicate

Select the proposal to view:

Click the 3 dots to enter the menu:

Select "Duplicate"

Payaca App view Proposals

💡 If you only want to reuse Items check out Item Groups feature

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