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How to create and manage Service Plans
How to create and manage Service Plans

Create and manage Service Plans and build recurring revenue with ease directly in Payaca

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How to create a Service Plan

Start by enabling the Service Plans feature on the manage subscription page.

Once enabled you will see Service Plans appear on the left hand menu.

Hit the Create Plan button to start building a new plan. You can create and manage as many of these as you like for no extra cost.

Now you can fill in the key information:

Plan name

The name of your plan

Plan description

High level description of what your plan does and does not include, this is your chance to highlight the benefits of what you offer. You don't want too much detail here, leave that for your terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions

Attach a file here, typically a pdf file is best. This document should contain all the legal text specifying exactly what is and is not included in the plan.

Work will be carried out every

Choose year or month - this defines how frequently work is scheduled, this has nothing to do with payment frequency. This work may not be carried out but it is included in the plan. For example you may service an appliance every year or you may include 2 call-outs a month.

Price(s) charged will be

You can include either a monthly price or a yearly price or both. If you add a price to both the customer will have the choice. Often businesses choose to offer a yearly price at a discount. Others carry out a single annual service and want to only offer a single annual payment.

Payment methods

Choose to offer Card Payment, Direct Debit or both. If you tick both the customer will have the choice. Card payments make it easier for customers to subscribe and will also offer Apple or Google Pay, payments are also processed instantly. The benefit of Direct Debit is customers don't have to update card details when they expire but take a few days to setup.


This is the bit that makes managing plans easier. You create a template of Events and linked Tasks that make up the Service Period. A Service Period is created according to the year or month schedule chosen above.

For example:

  • I choose Work will be carried out every year

  • I create the following commitments:

    • Event: Service Appliance

    • Linked Tasks:

      • Complete service form

      • Safety check

Each year a Service Period will be created with these Event templates and Tasks. I need to either schedule and complete or delete these if not needed. This helps you manage the commitments you have made to the customer as part of your Service Plan.

Inviting Customers to join Service Plans

Now the plan is created I can click "Invite Customer" to email the customer directly, if you do this the customer will only need to enter payment information as their personal information is already stored.

Alternatively if you click the 3 dots next to Invite Customer you can copy a public link which can be shared anywhere, e.g. in an automated email or SMS, on your website or in a separate message. In this case the customer will need to enter all their details.

When a customer is invited to join a plan they may receive an email like the below:

When they click the button or your public link they will be taken to the sign up page:

The customer will then be invited to pay and agree to the terms and conditions, in the below case they are given the option of card or direct debit:

Managing Service Plan Commitments

Once a customer is subscribed you will see a "Service Period" created for the current and one future period allowing you to schedule one period ahead. If commitments have not been completed or deleted by the end of the "Service Period" they will show as overdue and outlined in red. If all Events for the period are scheduled the period will show as "Arranged".

To "Arrange" simply click the "Service Period" and then the "Arrange" button.

Viewing Customers

Service Plan subscriptions will also show on the individual customer page, you can also invite customers directly from here.

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