How to request a deposit

Automatically request and record deposit payments for a job

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It's not uncommon for deposits to be requested, especially for larger jobs to cover the costs the business will incur while planning to do the job.

Adding a deposit request while setting up your proposal will make requesting and recording that payment a lot easier.

How to add a deposit request

When creating an invoice, the customer details will automatically pull through from the project.

After you have added the items you want to include you are ready to add the deposit.

Step 1 - Set the deposit amount

In the panel on the right hand side of the, click the 'Request deposit' link:

A pop up menu will appear where you can set the deposit amount by a currency value, % of total, or request full payment upfront.

Step 2 - Set your payment methods

Next, you need to check your payment methods for taking the deposit payment. This can be found in the right hand panel, under the 'Request deposit' link.

Step 3 - Preview and send your proposal

Once you have set the deposit amount, and the payment options, you are ready to preview and send the proposal to the customer.

Once the customer has signed and accepted the proposal, they will then be taken to a deposit invoice to take payment. This payment will then be automatically recorded on the project, and reflected in invoices for the outstanding balance.

If you have integrated with accounting software, this invoice will be sent across to reconcile the payment that lands in your account.


Is it possible to request a deposit after the quote has been sent?

Yes. You can create an invoice for a set % of the job. You'll be able to take payment via all the usual payment options available.

How do bank transfers work with Payaca?

If a customer opts to pay via bank transfer, Payaca will present your banks details to customer at the point of sale (providing you have added them to your company details). Once they have done this, they can click 'I have completed the transfer'.

You'll receive a prompt in Payaca where you can confirm the payment once you've checked your account, and this will be recorded against the project.

For more information on setting up payment methods, check out this article.

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