How to go straight to invoice

When you don't need to send a proposal, you have the option to go straight to invoice

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Here's our latest update that will make invoicing faster and easier for simple jobs.

Previously, when you wanted to split a project into multiple invoice payments, you had to create a proposal first and then go to the invoice.

However, this was causing some confusion.

So we've designed a new feature that allows you to go straight to creating the invoice without the need for a proposal. It's super simple and convenient!

In this video, we'll show you how to use this feature on both our mobile app and web platform.

Going straight to invoice

On your pipeline view, select "Create Project"

Select your customer, and click "Create Project"

This will take you into the new project. From here, select "Invoices / Payments"

Select "Create Invoice"

Enter the required information for your invoice. Once you are happy, click "Preview"

Again, double check you are happy with your invoice. To send, click "Send"

Payaca Send Invoice

Please note, once an invoice has been sent, it cannot be amended. You will need to void the existing invoice, and start again.

Voiding an Invoice

Click on the invoice to view

Click on "Void this invoice", and confirm in the pop-up box.

Click "Back" to return to the customer

You will now have the option to create another invoice

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