How to go straight to invoice
When you only want to create an invoice, start with a proposal and simply progress straight to invoice
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When you have reactive work you might not need a proposal (quote or estimate). In Payaca everything starts with a proposal as this defines the deal value which you can create multiple invoices for. It also means you can record changes via the change proposal process.

How to Progress straight to invoice

It's no extra steps to go straight to invoice, it's just a different process. When you progress straight to invoice:

  • A proposal is created and marked as sent but is not sent to the customer

Step 1 - create a proposal

Instead of creating an invoice, create a proposal

Step 2 - Progress directly to invoice

This will create a proposal but don't worry it won't be sent to the customer and if you go back later it will be clearly marked. Simply click "Progress directly to invoice".

Same on the mobile app.


It's simple to go straight to invoice, create a proposal and click "Progress straight to invoice." It's no extra steps and gives you a lot more control.

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