Project stage change automation

Whenever a project moves to a new stage in your pipeline you can trigger an automated action

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This automation trigger is highly flexible as it can be used for system stages (e.g. Proposal sent or Fully paid) but can also be applied to custom stages you create (e.g. Order parts).

Be careful though as this automation will run each time the stage changes, make sure you apply the appropriate conditions!

Step 1 - select the trigger

Automation type = "Project"

What will be the trigger for your actions(s) = "Pipeline stage changed"

Step 2 - add a condition

This could be multiple but generally you will want at least one. In the example below we have chosen project pipeline stage = "Complete - fully paid". Whenever a project moves to this stage the automation will run.

Step 3 - add your actions

In the example above we have setup an email and an SMS to be sent when the pipeline stage changes and it meets the condition. This could be used to message the customer or a teammate responsible for the next stage of the process.

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