How to create Change Proposals

Change proposals or change orders can be used to keep track of changes quotes so there's a clear audit trail of what's been agreed to.

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Once a quote has even signed and accepted by a customer if you need to make a change it's important to create a Change Proposal and get this signed by the customer. Doing so means that you will have clear accurate records of what's been agreed to. If you don't do this it's very easy for misunderstandings to cost you money or your customer relationship.

How it works

On the project overview go to the Proposals tab - if you have an accepted Proposal you can click the option to Propose change shown with the orange arrow below.

The next screen enables you to both change the quantity of items (changing to 0 will remove it entirely) or add new items below. This is summarised on the right hand panel. Click Preview to see the document summarising the changes.

Once sent on the Proposals tab you will see the new document along with a history of all changes below. Once accepted by the customer the project value will change and you will be able to invoice for the new value.

Clicking the 3 dots in the bottom right of the document will allow you to mark it as accepted from your end and progress to invoice. You won't have a customer signature if you do this but it's better than having no record of the change at all.

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